What Does It Cost To Have a Big Penis? The Faust Complex

Penis enlargement is big business these days. With such a taboo subject, is it any wonder why there are so many surgeons and other scammers out there that are attempting to sell a product for money, rather than make you well and help you achieve a greater happiness?

That’s not the point, and the healthcare system is known as “the medical industry”. The fact that it is an industry means that they are in it to make money.

But, for some reason, they’ve been able to monopolize public opinion. As for male enhancement, penile surgery prices are a reflection of this ongoing trend.

What Is Penile Extension Surgery?

Essentially, penis enlargement surgery is a procedure that has a few steps. The first step is obviously the part with sharp scalpels. What happens is that the surgeon severs the main tissue of the penis that holds it in closely to the body. When this happens, the penis naturally increases in length. Or so that’s what they say it does.

Here are the complications, which is the ultimate penile extension surgery cost: you might end up with a misshaped penis, in most cases, hair grows all the way up the penis shaft, and most of all, you may end up impotent. Essentially, the penile extension surgery cost can be amounted in more than just dollars.

Afterwards, you are still expected to hang weights from your penis so that the healing will cause you to have a longer penis. The only problem is that some have not noticed any growth, but their penises look very odd now. Is this really worth it?

The Faust Complex

In this subject, often times, men will make premature decisions. They want their results immediately, but don’t want to wait for them.

In essence, they are willing to sell their soul (or penis) to the Devil (or medical industry) in order to produce immediate results.

Where this thinking betrays them is that in many cases, they spend thousands upon thousands in penis surgery prices, only to realize that the change was not immediate in the least.

In fact, you will have to hang weights, dangerously from your mutilated penis for roughly two months. Men pay lots and lots of money, only to go through a horrifying experience, with little to show for it in the end.

The Insurance Conundrum

What do health insurance companies pay for? They’ll pay to fix your broken arm, but you can forget about this surgery.

The two main reasons why they won’t cover the penile surgery prices are because this is considered a “cosmetic” surgery, which often falls under plastic surgery in their formulary, and this surgery is not seen as essential. No man ever died due to a small penis.

Given the fact that insurance companies refuse to cover penile surgery prices, it certainly does not make this a smart option. But, there is in fact another way.

The Best Options

If you are hoping to find a way to enlarge your penis, there is a myriad of ways that you can do this gradually. Also, you will not have to deal with a single scalpel, and there will be no tying weights to your penis.

Perhaps the most effective way to enlarge your penis is through using devices called penis extenders. These devices have had an excellent track record, especially when paired with male enhancement supplements like Vimax.

The cost of a good penis extender might be somewhere in the ballpark of $300, but that’s nothing compared to the overall penile extension surgery cost.


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