The ProExtender System Review: Penis Device That Really Works

Overall, the ProExtender is a solution to the problem of having a small penis. Almost every man on the face of the globe wishes for an extra inch or two. Thus, the medical industry spun off a product that is now on the online marketplace: the ProExtender System.

The Proextender System is quite simple to explain. Essentially, it is a penis enlargement device that uses gradual stretches over time.

How It Works

Did you have ever tried to gain muscle mass or become more flexible? When you go to the gym, you always do daily stretches before and after the workout. These stretches cause, what are called, micro tears.

These micro tears can be felt when the lactic acid begins to pump through the muscles, causing that “burning” sensation. Then over time, those tears turn into more cells, until you are more flexible, or you’ve naturally grown muscle mass.

A penis device, like the Pro Extender System works very much the same way. For instance, when you use this system, you will find that you have a “burning sensation” at first, and the reason is because the penis device is causing micro tears.

These are integral for penis enlargement, due to the fact that you need other cells to come in and take the place of the cells you’ve just torn. You are, in essence, growing your penis larger.

Products like the ProExtender System work particularly well, because it can apply the right amount of pressure over time, through the use of traction and stretching with spring-loaded rods. Now, this is not painful whatsoever, and the “burning sensation” will actually go away within just a few days of using the product.

Overall, the user can expect to experience roughly a 20% increase, give or take.

The Cons

The only real downside to the ProExtender System is the fact that it has a higher pricetag than most are willing to spend.

Now, this isn’t necessarily saying that it is “overpriced”, but we do recognize that people will have a hard time spending that kind of cash, when the prices of so many other things appears to be rising. Nonetheless, if you do have the money, then it is worth every penny.

The Pros

One of the best parts about the ProExtender System penis enlargement device is the fact that it simply works. There are not too many reviews on the web that talk about no gain in length. We have conclusively found that almost every customer has grown roughly 20% and some guys even up to 3 inches total.

However, perhaps the ones who did not gain are the ones who did not take the penis enlargement pills from VigRX or Semenax. Both of these pills improve blood flow, and allow the much-needed nutrients to the penis in order to speed up the process. We feel as if these penis enlargement supplements are crucial for growth, and not just for male enhancement performance.


It would seem as if this is quite the good product, despite the high price. The ProExtender System has help many men put on a solid two inches within just a month or two of using the penis device. While this penis device may be strictly for penis enlargement, it can’t help but be speculated that it improves performance as well.

We would have to say that this device is a smart buy, and if you have the extra money, then spend it on quality. ProExtender is quality, compared to many other cheaper alternatives. It really does come down to what you can afford, but the other nice part is that they even throw in a bottle of male enhancement herbal pills.

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