Penis Enlargement Devices

Having a small penis, or at least one that you feel is below-average or average, can really wreak havoc on your self-confidence.

Many guys still have the psychic scars from the taunting that took place in locker rooms during high school gym class. And these taunts still haunt them even in the privacy of their own bedrooms and this can affect their sexual performance.

To boost their self-esteem, many guys are now turning to penis enlargement devices to make their manhood bigger. These devices work on the principle of traction.

The medical definition of traction is a method for physically pulling on a body part for a beneficial effect.

You must have seen pictures in National Geographic magazine of African tribes who have elongated their necks, lips and earlobes using traction; penis enlargement devices work in the same way.

Think of them as weight lifting for your penis: just as muscles grow bigger through the continuous process of stretching and straining, so does your penis.

If used correctly, these devices can give you up to an additional three to four inches of length, as well as increases in thickness.

But of course, there is more to fantastic sex than just having a big penis. There is also the ability to maintain your erection since it takes women longer to achieve orgasm then men.

These devices also address this problem by increasing blood flow to the penis such that it is easier for men to keep it up longer.

There are also legitimate medical conditions which these devices can address, like micro-penis and Peyronies disease. Peyronies disease, or bent penis syndrome, makes the penis curve at varying degrees. In extreme cases, the disease can even make sex painful or impossible.

Sufferers of micro-penis syndrome have penises that are usually less than one inch in length. If you have such a condition, these devices can probably help you.

All these extenders basically strap on to the head and base of your penis, then use traction rods to gradually increase its length.

They are worn for at least six hours a day, although some devices ask that the user gradually work up from one hour a day to longer periods of time.

Many of these devices can also be worn under your clothes, although most recommend that you do not wear the extender devices while you are sleeping, as they may come loose.

How should you choose which device is right for you? Here are some guidelines: How long is the guarantee?

The longer the better since it would give you more time to test the device to see how effectively it works for you; Does it have customer support?

This is especially important, since not using the devices properly can result in injury. Some brands also offer sex advice tips for users on the website;

And, how much does it cost? The most advanced is the Vimax system that includes Vimax extender, Vimax pills and penis exercises.

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Obviously, these devices are not cheap, but you can comparison shop to see which device fits your budget. Of course, you should be wary of products which are too cheap, since they may be of poor quality.

But this is not a case with Vimax extender ($99.95 only) - affordable and proven by time penis enlargement solution.

Based on our research, the market leader is ProExtender system. This device is not cheap, but you also receive top rated male enhancement supplements vital for faster growth.

Of course, a big penis is not the be-all and end-all of lovemaking. But the use of penis enlargement devices can enhance lovemaking by giving you more self-confidence and helping enhance your sex performance skills and staying power.


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