Jelqing -- How This Strange Word Can Be Your New Best Friend

It's a strange word, but jelqing is a word you'll want to learn if you want to feel better about yourself and feel better in the bedroom.

So, what exactly does it mean?

Jelqing is a popular penis enlargement exercise. Unlike some of the male enhancement offers that are cluttering up your email's spam folder, legend has it that jelqing has been around since the days of the ancient Arabic tribes.

Back then, showing off your manhood was the preferred way to assert your dominance and convince people that you were fit to lead the tribe. In those days, bigger was always better!

As you well know, men are still looking for ways to add some size to their manhood today. So, is jelqing a good way to do it? According to a British doctor, absolutely!

Back in 1970, he studied the effectiveness of jelqing and found that it really does add length and girth. The study also showed that jelqing can affect the shape of your penis by straightening out curves.

The reason for all of this success? Jelqing stretches the tissues and ligaments inside your penis. It's kind of like lifting weights at the gym. Over time, your tissues and ligaments spread out and make room for bigger muscles.

So, how do you do it?

Jelqing is similar to milking a cow, but the results are way better! Here's what you need to do:

1. Warm up your penis with a damp towel or a shower. This will relax your tissues and ligaments so that they're easier to stretch.

2. Squirt on some lube. If you don't have some kind of lubrication, you can irritate your skin. No matter how much you make your penis grow, that's not a good look!

3. Make sure that you don't have a full erection. If you're too hard, jelqing won't work. Instead, you need to partially-erect -- about 50% or 75%.

4. Use your thumb and forefinger to make an "OK" grip around the base of your penis, as close to the pubic bone as you can get.

5. With light pressure, slowly slide your hand up your penis, and stop right before you get to the head. The goal is to push extra blood into your penis, so that it can bring extra nourishment to the area.

6. Switch hands and repeat. For best results, you should jelq 20-30 times every day. If you get a full erection, take a break until it goes down.

How long will jelqing take to work?

You'll need to have patience. In fact, don't be surprised if it takes 6 months to see results. If you're not willing to stick with this exercise every day for months, you won't get any benefit out of it. This is the only reason why more and more men buy penile extenders to do this automatically.


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