How to Increase Penis Size Naturally?

A few years ago, there was only one, 100% guaranteed way to get a longer penis and that was through penis enlargement surgery.

How does the procedure work? Basically, some one-third to one-half of the length of the penis is inside the body.

The penis enlargement surgery releases this by cutting the ligaments that hold it in. Weights are then used to stretch the penis and ensure that it does not heal shorter than before.

how increase penis safe humor pictureBut the procedure will only lengthen your penis by just over an inch, at best. There may also be some unfortunate side effects such as an inability to have an erection.

The majority of those who have undergone this procedure have expressed dissatisfaction over the result, and most doctors say that if you have a normal penis you should not have this surgery.

An alternative to this type of surgery involves transplanting fat cells from other parts of your body to the penis, a procedure known as a dermal implant.

While this surgery may be slightly more effective, aesthetically it may look strange since only the shaft increases while the head remains the same size. These surgeries are also very expensive, and may cost you as much as thousands of dollars.

So if surgery is out, the question is how to increase penis size naturally? There are only three ways: use best penis enlargement pills, undertake a penis exercise program or use a penis extension device.

How to exercise programs work to increase your penis? Basically we all know that we have an erection when the spongy tissue of the penis is filled with blood.

The goal of exercise programs is to boost the capacity of the penis to accommodate more blood, resulting in harder and longer erections.

There are a variety of exercise programs available, which you should perform religiously for between fifteen to forty minutes a day to see results. Read more about penis enlargement exercises.

Typical results for one program were an average increase in length of from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches for those who stuck with the program for three to four months.

As an added benefit, the exercises also helped to address impotency and erection problems, as well as increasing sex drive and aiding in the development of ejaculatory control for longer lovemaking sessions.

If you are unwilling to commit to an exercise program, you can try a penis enlargement device. How do these devices increase your penis size?

Basically, they apply traction to the corpora cavernosa (the chamber that fills with blood when you have an erection) to make its cells break down and multiply, making the penis longer and thicker.

The devices are attached to your penis and then gradually stretch it by the use of traction bars.

To achieve optimum results you need to wear this penis extender for at least two-three hours a day for 6-8 weeks. You may also have to undergo some initial discomfort during the first week or so of using the device. Read more about the most popular penis extender - Vimax device.

No matter what way you choose to increase your penis size; remember that there is a range of natural methods available that won’t require you to undergo painful and expensive surgery.

 Picture by Virgiliu Narcis.

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